Brought to you by the Communal First Saturdays Apostolate. The "Communal First Saturdays" is the first-church approved public First Saturdays devotion accompanying the Liturgy in parishes. 

In this Study Group, you will learn:

  • About the apparitions of the Angel of Peace.
  • About Our Lady's six appearances at Fatima.
  • About the three important appearances after Fatima.
  • About crucial information related to the First Saturdays found in Sister Lucia's memoirs, letters, and locutions up to 1945.
  • About additional information up to the present time.

The book quotes passages in Sister Lucia's own words and then presents important and insightful commentary.

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Our Lady Requested 2 Things for the Conversion of Russia:

Collegial Consecration AND First Saturdays Devotion

The First Saturdays devotion is for the people to do.

Our Lady promised not only the conversion of Russia, but also the salvation of many souls, peace in the world, and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Learn about this and much more!

  • You will be able to join with others online to understand the Fatima message as well as the unique importance of the First Saturdays within the context of the entire Fatima Message.

  • Discussion content is from the book, Fatima and the First Saturdays.

  • The Study Group doesn’t take the place of reading the book. You will need to read the designated pages beforehand and prepare for the session with the study guide.


  • Modality

    These are online study groups done through Zoom.

  • Duration

    The study groups last one hour per week for 13 weeks.

  • Materials

    The materials include the "Fatima and the First Saturdays" book (paperback, 2nd edition) and the study guides.

  • Cost

    This is a FREE Study Group. However, the registration fee of $20 is for the book, postage, and the study guides. If you already have the 2nd edition of the book, you can use the code HAVEBOOK for 50% off. If you have another code, you can use that one instead.

  • Capacity

    Space is limited up to 15 participants per group.

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Deadline for Registration:

August 28th, 2022

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"This profound yet easy and enjoyable free 13 week zoom study group will inspire you to live the First Saturday Fatima devotion for the rest of your life! Highly recommended".

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Antonia Moffat - United Kingdom

"Really situates the First Saturdays at the core of the Message of Our Lady of Fatima and explains it in a way that is very readable and understandable by all of us".

"Helps us understand what means to be faithful Catholics".

Mariana Ballesteros - Mexico

"The Fatima and the First Saturdays Study Groups have helped me comprehend the Fatima Message in a more profound way… we are called to be part of history as we learn what it means to be faithful Catholics".

Fulfilling the First Saturdays will lead to the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

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