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Brought to you by the Communal First Saturdays Apostolate. The "Communal First Saturdays" is the first-church approved public First Saturdays devotion accompanying the Liturgy in parishes. 

Our Lady Requested 2 Things for the Conversion of Russia:

Collegial Consecration AND First Saturdays Devotion

The First Saturdays devotion is for the people to do.

Our Lady promised not only the conversion of Russia, but also the salvation of many souls, peace in the world, and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Learn about this and much more in the Fatima and the First Saturdays Study Groups!

In this study group you will learn:

  • About the apparitions of the Angel of Peace.
  • About Our Lady's six appearances at Fatima.
  • About the three important appearances after Fatima.
  • About additional crucial information found in Sister Lucia's letters and locutions up to 1945.
  • About additional information up to the present time.

The book quotes passages in Sister Lucia's own words and then presents important and insightful commentary.  You will see how all of the above points to the First Saturdays Devotion as the solution to the world's problems, the problems of those we love, and our own problems.  


  • Duration

    The study groups last one hour per week for 13 weeks through Zoom.

  • Fee

    This is a FREE Study Group. However, the registration fee of $10 is for the study guides. While this does not cover all expenses, your $10 is a great help to spreading the First Saturdays.

  • Book

    The Fatima and the First Saturdays 2nd. Revised Edition book can be obtained through Amazon. Please be sure to get the paperback edition as we will be referring to page numbers in the study groups. Make sure to get yours in time!

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Many Catholics like you have participated in these Study Groups and they loved it. The following testimonials show why they recommend them and how they helped them strengthen their faith and love for Our Lord and Our Lady.


Antonia Moffat, UK

A really brilliant book… Really situates the First Saturdays at the core of the Message of Our Lady of Fatima and explains it in a way that is very readable and understandable by all of us. 


Mary Thierfelder, NC Parishioner, wife, and mother of 10

This profound yet easy and enjoyable 13 week zoom study group will inspire you to live the First Saturdays Fatima devotion for the rest of your life! Highly recommend. 

Kiley Ghaddar TX , Homeschool mom of 5

The Fatima and First Saturdays Study Groups helped me to grow even closer to Our Lord through Our Lady. The study is packed with information about Fatima that I had never heard or realized before, and I have been practicing the First Saturdays for years! I highly recommend the Fatima and First Saturdays Group Study to anyone wanting to deepen their faith in our Eucharistic Lord!


Ford Culbertson, IL, Communal First Saturdays Apostolate Member

This book is the best Fatima book ever! The Fatima and the First Saturdays Group just completely opens up everyone’s mind to what happened at Fatima. 


Dana Terrone, TX, Realtor and mama of a 5 month old girl

I participated in this study during my pregnancy and I couldn't believe the blessings that I experienced through those 13 weeks. I was called to step up and facilitate the study this spring/summer, and I have been blessed with a wonderful group and keep continuing to learn about this important message from Our Lady. I am excited to lead and share this message. This study is a MUST participate! It will change your life, deepen your faith and confidence in the Catholic Church and reinforce your love for Our Lady, whom we owe our life to. 

Please consider the following: The minimum number of participants for each study group is 7 people, and the maximum number is 15. If for some reason the group you chose doesn't meet the minimum requirement, we may cancel that particular group and contact you to offer other available days and times.